As of May 1 st 2018 Renato Sais left Ultimate Vineyards to pursue new challenges in wine consulting services. Renato has contributed so much for Ultimate Vineyards over the last 4 years with countless wine awards and great customer service. We wish him and his family well as he pursues his ambitious goals.

Heather’s Mist NV


This proprietor’s selection of blended white wines is off dry and fruity. Heather’s Mist is a wonderful picnic wine that is delicious with various cheeses and fruits and is a must to try with Maurice Carrie’s famous baked Brie in sourdough bread.

Weight: 2.4 lb

UPC Barcode: 030168-970303

Volume: 750 ML

Varietal: White Wine Blend

Vintage: NV

Awards: Gold Medal

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